Adults of age 65 and above have become prone to suicide which has led to worrying about what could be the leading causes and how they end up making such decisions.

Some of the reasons why such actions are perpetrated by the old are;

  1. Retirement- Most seniors happen to have worked for a very long time, and when they retire it almost becomes unbearable to live idly day after day. The thought of suicide may swiftly come in since the person is no longer productive and may feel left out because of staying at home most of the times.
  2. Death of the spouse- When a spouse dies, the other party is left lonely, and in most cases, the children no longer live with them. The sense of loneliness becomes unbearable and thought of suicide can strike at any time. When one is used to the other party, living together, bringing up the children together also becomes a challenging moment when left alone.

Since this is the only person that they have truly loved and cherished in their lifetime and have lived together for ages, death becomes devastating in such an instance.

  • Couple’s misunderstanding- When people stay together at home without going out to work, they will find negative issues in the other parties, and as time goes on, they even get to a level of physical fights. If this is not well taken care of, one party may end up the other couple’s life and later end his life. This is known as the homicide-suicide.

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Signs of Suicidal seniors.

When the seniors become suicidal, there are signs still visible and one should take care to ensure that they do not go far. Among these signs are;

  1. Change of appetite- some may have increased appetite whereas others will not eat unless they are forced.
  2. A headache or chronic pains- They keep on complaining of problems even when there is no cause for a headache.
  3. Sleeping patterns- The person may become affected, and they may lack sleep for the entire night and refuse even taking the day naps. This will bring the mind to exhaustion, and the only thought to this may be suicide.

Solutions to the problems may include taking the senior to a physician or a psychologist who would recommend the right medication and advice.

Staying closer and exposing them to the social life and interactions could also help in managing suicidal thoughts.


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