Adults of age 65 and above have become prone to suicide which has led to worrying about what could be the leading causes and how they end up making such decisions.

Some of the reasons why such actions are perpetrated by the old are;

  1. Retirement- Most seniors happen to have worked for a very long time, and when they retire it almost becomes unbearable to live idly day after day. The thought of suicide may swiftly come in since the person is no longer productive and may feel left out because of staying at home most of the times.
  2. Death of the spouse- When a spouse dies, the other party is left lonely, and in most cases, the children no longer live with them. The sense of loneliness becomes unbearable and thought of suicide can strike at any time. When one is used to the other party, living together, bringing up the children together also becomes a challenging moment when left alone.

Since this is the only person that they have truly loved and cherished in their lifetime and have lived together for ages, death becomes devastating in such an instance.

  • Couple’s misunderstanding- When people stay together at home without going out to work, they will find negative issues in the other parties, and as time goes on, they even get to a level of physical fights. If this is not well taken care of, one party may end up the other couple’s life and later end his life. This is known as the homicide-suicide.

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Signs of Suicidal seniors.

When the seniors become suicidal, there are signs still visible and one should take care to ensure that they do not go far. Among these signs are;

  1. Change of appetite- some may have increased appetite whereas others will not eat unless they are forced.
  2. A headache or chronic pains- They keep on complaining of problems even when there is no cause for a headache.
  3. Sleeping patterns- The person may become affected, and they may lack sleep for the entire night and refuse even taking the day naps. This will bring the mind to exhaustion, and the only thought to this may be suicide.

Solutions to the problems may include taking the senior to a physician or a psychologist who would recommend the right medication and advice.

Staying closer and exposing them to the social life and interactions could also help in managing suicidal thoughts.


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Guide towards Investing in Electronic Traded Funds (ETFs)

In the field of investment ETFs have gained popularity for both small and large investors.  As compared to mutual funds, they are acquired at low cost and also has tax benefits.  If properly managed and uses, ETFs can be a good option for investment especially for those individuals considering investing for retirement. Nonetheless there are some of the ETFs which are riskier as compared to others hence it is the responsibility of the investor to do adequate research to determine appropriate EFT that is secure and able to yield more returns. Apart from being tax efficient, they operate on high level of transparency, and carry less fees unlike other investment options.

In 2015, approximately 4000 electronic traded funds were accounted for worldwide based on the special reports. Subsequently, SPDR S&P 500 was listed in the New York stock exchanges last year as the largest ETF across the world. Vanguard Russell 3000, iShares MCSI index, and Schwab Fundamental are some of the leading stock broad market ETFs as established by the both NYSE and NASDAQ. Electronic traded funds are categorized into United States market index, foreign market index, leveraged ETFs, Bonds ETFs, Stock ETFs, commodity, foreign currency, and dividend ETFs.


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There is no much difference between mutual funds and ETFs because they all operate by pooling money from investors through stocks and bonds. Also, both have very low cost of investing. However, the difference lies in the ETFs which use brokerage to buy stocks instead of directly obtaining them through a recognized fund company. One of the setback of ETFs is that it has no dividend reinvestment plan plan which is mostly preferred by the investor plugging back what they have harvested. Also, they have small discounts for those new investors hence they are not suitable for income-oriented investors. ETFs are considered to be for growth investment and retirement rather than those investors that are focused at earning immediately after investment.

The first step towards investing in ETFs to be able to buy and sell is to create a brokerage account. In regard, it is crucial to do adequate research to determine the appropriate brokers to invest in such as vanguard, fidelity, TD Amritrade and Schwab. The second step is to focus on the costs involved to acquire respective accounts. Apart from fees, also check in the annual expense ratios of the ETFs. Ideally, the smaller the expense ratios the more the investor accrues and pocket at the end of the investment period. Some areas around the globe have high financial markets which leads to higher expense ratios which affects the investments in ETFS.

As a result of the diversification of the ETFs, it is prerequisite step to create a diversified ETF portfolio after obtaining an account from the chosen broker. United States boasts of lager stock market therefore, the investors needs to identify on what to invest as provided by the ETFs. By creating a diversified portfolio, it helps to minimize the risk that comes with focusing only in one thing. The ultimate step is to determine and structure a formula on how to keep adding to your ETF holding.



Retirement age n the traditional belief is that once a person reaches the retirement age, they belief that once you reach the age of retirement, you can no longer work but just rest at home.

They believed that pension is what would keep them moving for the rest of their lives and since the income they receive do not allow for major expenditure, they used to cut costs and maintain their lifestyles at a very low key. Medigap Plans cover deductibles and coisurance for Seniors’ Medicare.

However, Baby boomers have reversed the whole idea and they are economically active driving the American economy more than any other age group.

Baby boomers have completely rejected to stay at home spending the only savings the banked when they were working and have been busy putting up investments not only for themselves but have also included their children and their aging parents who cannot provide for themselves. By doing this they are considered to be a generous generations because of the support they offer to their families.

The dreams, passion and great ideas that have positive influence to the society make them more energized because they offer employment opportunities to the youth to boost their livelihood though the huge investments that they have put in place after retirement.

From the studies about the boomers, it has been established that they make incomes more than what they used to make while working and exceed even those of the coworkers whom they have left behind.

They are also believed to spend a lot of their leisure time doing home improvements, gardening, house cleaning and this also becomes a cost saving plan because once indoors, they do not overspend rather they keep improving their lifestyles. By doing this, they plan to have some offices in their homes such that when they are not capable of travelling to work, they can still work from the house through delegation and ensuring that work is still flowing even when they are physically absent from the main office.

Boomers do not believe in growing old and in this sense, they have decided to be called senior citizens and have continuously build the nation by opening new businesses and expanding to different branches in different cities.

Finally, the most exciting part is that they account for each activity they are engaged in to ensure that they do not operate on a loss making venture so that they can have enough to spend and to share out with the loved ones.





Things To Consider When Integrating Your Home Health Care With Medicare

Medicare can be confusing when combine with other health problems. While the insurance maze can be difficult to navigate, an estimated 57 million people received this program in past years, which is more than a sixth of the nation’s population.

Below are a brief overview and some answers to some commonly asked questions regarding Medicare and home health care.

  1. Who qualifies?

Medicare is a national health insurance program provided by the U.S. government for those who are:

– Above 65 years

– Below 65 with certain disabilities

– Diagnosed with End Stage Renal Disease (ESRD), a form of permanent kidney failure requiring dialysis or a kidney transplant

  1. What types of services does Medicare cover?

This healthcare program has four different coverage sections which are Part A, B, C, and D. “Original Medicare” consists of Part A & B, while Part C is known as “Medicare Advantage Plan”. These four parts are summarized briefly:

– Medicare Part A: Hospital Insurance

* Part A covers care while in the hospital as well as health care in skilled nursing facilities, home health care, and hospice.

– Medicare Part B: Medical Insurance

* This covers doctor’s visits. Additionally, Part B covers hospital outpatient care, durable medical equipment (like intravenous infusion devices), and home health care services.

– Medicare Part C: Medicare Advantage

* This combines health plan options you purchase from other private insurance companies approved by Medicare. It also assimilates Medicare Prescription drug coverage (Part D) and can be tailored to include extra benefits at an extra cost.


– Medicare Part D: Medicare Prescription Drug Coverage

* This covers the prescription of Medicare-approved prescription drugs and can lower the cost of other medications. Similar to Part C, Medicare-approved private insurance companies also run Part D.

  1. Why do I need to select between Medicare plans?

The selection of “Original Medicare” (Parts A & B) requires monthly premiums payment for part B and may necessitate additional coverage to pay deductibles and coinsurance to see physicians, hospitals, and other providers who accept Medicare. If you require Prescription drug coverage, you must pay a monthly premium to join the Medicare Prescription Drug Plan (Part D).

The “Medicare Advantage Plan” also requires the monthly premiums payment in addition to the Part B premium & a copayment for in-plan doctors, hospitals. If recommendation medications are not covered by the supplemental coverage, you have the option of combining the Medicare Prescription Drug Plan (Part D).

As with prescription medications, you can purchase supplemental coverage to cover services not covered by Medicare. The “Original Medicare” plan allows for the option of buying Medicare Supplemental plans (Medigap), while the “Medicare Advantage Plan” does not.





Why choose Mutual Of Omaha Over Others

Mutual of Omaha has been around the Insurance and Business Products scene for over 50 years and have a wide experience in providing quality services to its customers. Who would not want to work with one of the biggest players of its niche in the market? Their plans are tailored to keep their values of commitment and flexibility throughout.


There are numerous reasons why a potential customer must choose Omaha  and they are as follows:


1) Variety of options: Mutual of Omaha provides a wide range of options matching different individual needs and budget. The Medicare recipient may take the policy whichever suits him.


2) Customer Service: The service providers are easily accessible not only on weekdays but also on weekends. They provide information related to queries as well as sort the issues via calls or emails.


3) Discounts to households: If multiple family members of a single household are consumers of mutual of Omaha healthcare, each member is eligible for discounts on their respective Medicare policies.


4) Instant quote: On submitting following relevant details on their official website, interested customers they get the quote instantly specifying the prices according to the locations and Medicare plans available:

Zip Code

Date of birth

Whether the person intakes tobacco or not.


5) Good for companies: The companies and business units who wish to associate for the long-term basis, Mutual of Omaha is a great option.


6) High benefits: The benefits are considerably good. They provide worthy coverage at an affordable price. The insurance plans are fully underwritten.


7) Selection of Doctors: The recipient may choose the doctor of choice. Also, many doctors link as the payment are quick.


8) Convenience: The customer care is available for 24*7. The transactions could be done online at own comfort of the customer. Hence its time saving and convenient.


9) Highly Rated: The credit ratings given to Omaha in the industry are A1 by Moody’s, A+ by A.M. Best, 93 by Comdex and AA- by Standard and Poors.


10) The excellence over the years: Omaha has been into Medicare business for more than 100 years, emerging as a known brand name trusted by generations.


11) Plans for Children: You can also buy policies for your children. Some products for children are Whole Life Direct and Children Whole Life Express.


12) Tax Saving: The plans they offer are eligible for tax deductible. So the plans from Omaha are advantageous for masses seeking savings while their investment and tax planning.


12) Free Guidance to Small Business Owners: Business plan recommendations for small business houses are free of cost.


13) Brand Recognition: Omaha was founded in 1909, which has built strong goodwill and superior brand recognition in the market.


14) Customer Responsibility: Omaha is trusted for fulfilling its responsibility towards customers rather than Wallstreet.


15) Personalized for each policyholder: The online quotes are given exclusively from a range of specifically designed plans personalized as per the protection need of the policyholders that too at budgetary level.


On the whole Mutual of Omaha medicare supplement plan G is a great product for people who are looking for reliable services and secured financial products.